The Inner Compass Mapping Method

Inner Child Exploration Series


Working With Angels 101

Connecting with your angels and guides should feel safe and easy. I'll show you how.


Divine Design Bundle

Want to learn how to make the most out of Canva's functionality, but also want to make sure you've got some branding basics under your belt before you begin, then THIS is the bundle for you.
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Woopreneur 101: Where soul meets strategy

In this video series of Facebook Lives (and one worksheet) you'll learn the basic supports to help you integrate your spiritual and business lives. It's my believe that spiritual doesn't have to mean flaky, and successful doesn't have to mean cut throat. There are 5 videos in this series: How to add WOO into your muggle work life How to soulfully brand your business How to live your brand How to share yourself authentically How to create an altar and set sacred space (+planning sheet)  

Inner Child Exploration Series


The Inner Compass Mapping Method

Lightwalker's Guide to Energy Management

The Guide to Art-omatic Writing

Aromatherapy for Energetic Management

Inside this free guide you'll get 3 product blends and 3 essential oil blends, along with some extra goodies to make it all even juicier.

Move Into Miracles

Sacred Living

Sacred Space for Self-Sustainment Mini-Course

In order to keep your inner compass pointing true north in this chaotic world, we must find ways to infuse our daily lives with peace. The easiest way to do this, is by creating sacred space, somewhere we can go to to press pause, to breathe deeply, to reconnect with our essence. In this session, you'll learn the importance of sacred space, how to create it in your home or office, and ways to make the every day sacred. This digital download includes: - Sacred Spaces video class - Audio-only Recording of the class (for those that prefer to just listen) - Slide deck for note taking - Sacred Space Planning Sheets - Sacred Space and Altar Guide to help you get started

Origin On Demand

Find your soul's purpose. Origin helps you open your heart, honour your voice, cultivate courage and awaken your intuition.