The Guide to Art-omatic Writing by Seryna Myers

The Guide to Art-omatic Writing

No fancy tools or fancy skills required

A twist on journalling

Forget "dear diary" or feeling the pressure of wanting to write but not knowing where to begin... Art-omatic Writing is here to shake things up.
In this guide I give you the basics you'll need to start this intuitive journalling process, giving you deeper insight to what you're thinking and feeling, accessing unexplored parts of yourself. You can use this practice to connect to your higher self, to your angels and guides, basically any aspect that you don't have access to in the regular 3D world.
Art-omatic Writing is a cross between journalling, doodling, and automatic writing. You can do it anywhere, with whatever basic supplies you have on hand - and you can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. 
There is only one rule: TRUST YOURSELF. There is no right or wrong way to enter into this process. Check perfection at the door and let yourself flow with whatever comes through.
Don't be afraid for this to just be the beginning... my own process with this modality has shifted in the last few months, so know this is just the beginning, and if you feel guided to use it differently, then that's exactly right for you.

What's included?

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