Divine Design Bundle by Seryna Myers
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Divine Design Bundle

Get ready to DIY your branding and design like a pro!
Enrollment is closed

For the amateur designer who wants to make something beautiful...

With all of the tools available to us these days, design has become something that's accessible to everyone. You don't need years of training, an art degree, or hours of study on expensive professional software. What you do need is clarity, consistency, and a commitment to put out the best things you can.

This bundle brings together the planning that goes behind basic branding in my workbook, Your Big Beautiful Brand, and then teaches you what to do with it in my Canva Hacking masterclass.

I've kept it simple, sneaky (I give away my best tips!), and easy for you to start building your brand and designing your content TODAY.

>>> Yes YOU, not an expensive designer, not your neighbour's kid Chet who's good with a computer, YOU. <<<

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Hey, I'm Seryna!

I help people on the rise navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was what they were supposed to do.

By working with their Angels, and Guides, my clients become active creators in their lives. And it's all done with joy, love, ease and grace.

I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with yourself, and your soul’s true desire so you can build a life with purpose, on purpose.