Free Guide: 25 Ways to Kick Writer's Block in the bits by Seryna Myers

Free Guide: 25 Ways to Kick Writer's Block in the bits

Make Writer's Block Your B*tch


Do you ever set aside time in your schedule to develop a bunch of content - social media posts, blog entries, sales page copy, whatever, and find yourself being taunted by that white screen with the blinky cursor? 

We've all been there.

This free guide gives you a bunch of ways that you can move that mojo and make write's block a thing of the past.

What's included?

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Kick Writer's Block
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I'm Seryna Myers

I help women on the rise navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was safe, or what they were supposed to do. By dialoguing with their Angels, Guides, and Record Keepers, they’re able to become an active creator in their lives. I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with yourself, and your soul’s true desire so you can build a life with purpose, on purpose, and can redefine success on your own terms. And you get to do it all with joy, ease and grace.
I know how it goes… life is busy and you spend your days being all things to all people. (It’s a lot of hats you wear!) But it’s time to fill your cup by redirecting some of that love inward. This is your call to hit the reset button, to journey back to the person you were before life took over. This is YOUR TIME, your chance to start creating your most magnificent life.