Inner Child Exploration Series by Seryna Myers

Inner Child Exploration Series

A 3-part practice to connecting to your inner child.

Forging a relationship with your inner child is essential for your personal development.

The inner child is the heart of your being.... it's the part of you that believes all things are possible, and that if you can dream it you can become it. It's the easiest access to what your heart truly desires from this life, and can shed light on what's left to heal as you continue on your inner journey.

This series gives you several ways to connect to, awaken, and express the inner child, a sacred part of yourself that is usually tucked away and shushed into silence. You will receive a video lesson, two recorded journeys, and workbooks, printables, and fun exercises to begin nurturing a relationship with this aspect of you.

The Inner Child Chrysalis

This experiential webinar takes you through all of the spiritual tools you and your inner child need, to feel a sense of safety and security, especially in uncertain times.

The Spiritual Practice of Play

You'll learn how powerful play is, why it's an important part of inner child work, and be given some inspiration for ways to make your adult life a lot more fun.

The Inner Child Akashic Journey

You'll connect deeply with your inner child, in your hall of records, so you can do some deep, soul-level clearing, enabling you to bring more child-like wonder into your life.

The Inner Child Voice Activation

You'll journey to a sacred space where you'll meet your divine advisors and inner child. You'll get to hear all the things that have gone unexpressed and allow your voice to be unleashed on the world.
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Deep Inner Work At Your Own Pace

Life is busy, and this work is delicate, so being able to do it on flexible schedule that fits into your life is essential. 
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What's Inside The Inner Child Exploration Series

The Inner Child Chrysalis
Watch: The Inner Child Chrysalis Webinar
(1h 31m 06s)
Download: Workbook
2.99 MB
The Spiritual Practice of Play
Watch: Video Lesson
40 mins
Download: Workbook
1.31 MB
Download: Printables
27.3 MB
Download: Mini Colouring Book
4.87 MB
Inner Child Akashic Journey
Listen: Inner Child Akashic Journey
25 mins
Download: Reflection questions
1.09 MB
Inner Child Voice Activation Session
Listen: Inner Child Voice Activation
35 mins
Download: Reflection questions
6.4 MB

Hey, I'm Seryna!

I help people on the rise navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was what they were supposed to do.

By working with their Angels, and Guides, my clients become active creators in their lives. And it's all done with joy, love, ease and grace.

I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with yourself, and your soul’s true desire so you can build a life with purpose, on purpose.