Origin On Demand by Seryna Myers

Origin On Demand

A 4-week journey home to your soul's sacred roots.
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Hey You!

Yes you, with the big heart, big dreams, epic vision, and a burning desire for MORE.
And what does MORE mean to you?
Is it deeper connections?  Bringing big goals to life?
More time for yourself? Doing something that you never thought was possible for you? 
Yes more.
Without the exhaustion that comes from chasing more.
Without the pressure to define more on someone else’s terms.
MORE ease, more joy, more purpose. In a 4-week journey home to your soul’s sacred roots.
I see you out there, doing #allthethings, living and loving, but I’ve noticed that lately, your smile isn’t reaching your eyes. You’re walking in a bit of a haze, in a world which used to feel bright and sparkly.  I also see you doing everything you can to clear it. You’re reading the books, attending events, pulling oracle cards every day… but it’s not quite cutting it. The thing is, sweet one, if you do the things you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always had.
And yeah, you could keep doing all the things, but they just don’t hold your interest, or they can be done later. The problem with later is that it never actually comes. The time is NOW to give yourself permission to define what MORE means to you, so you can live your life in a way that feels SO DAMN GOOD to YOU.
And if you’re willing, I’d like to show you something a little bit different…

Introducing: Origin

a 4-Week Journey Home to Your Soul’s Sacred Roots.
Origin is a return to who you were before the world told you otherwise. By working with your Angels and Akashic Records, we can tap into the the blueprint your soul set out when you entered this life. Together, we’re going to tune in to re-align the aspects of yourself that need a little nudge to live your fullest life, fuelled by divine purpose. 
When I navigate my life using my inner compass, delicious choices open up for me. I’m able to have more clarity on the decisions I make, the courage to try new things because I feel fully supported, and the confidence to stand in my power and my truth, no matter whose feathers get ruffled by it. 

What you’ll get:

WEEK ONE: You’ll connect  to your heart, dropping all barriers to love and receptivity.
WEEK TWO: You’ll connect to your voice, so you can express your heart’s desire and call it in.
WEEK THREE: You’ll connect to your courage, so you can begin putting this into action.
WEEK FOUR: You’ll connect to your own inner compass to guide you the rest of the way.
During ORIGIN, you give yourself permission to connect to your heart, voice, courage, and inner compass to receive incredible opportunities, impactful relationships, and the YES to enjoy each and every delicious moment.

What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine a big, beautiful library, filled with all the knowledge, and wisdom your soul has experienced, in this life, all the ones previous to it, and all the lives you’ll have going forward. Now, imagine how much deeper you can understand your purpose, yourself, and why you do the things you do, if you had access to it. 
There is no golden ticket needed — you can visit your hall of records now. During Origin, I will show you the way, and you’ll have the recorded journeys to access whenever you want to dig deeper.

Okay, that sounds pretty epic, where do the angels come in?

Your angelic team is riding alongside you in the sidecar, and they’re always ready to help. The missing piece is that we forget to ask. By teaming up with the right angels to support the focus of this program, we get to do deep, inner work (soul deep – as deep as it goes!) to have significant impact on your life, but with this additional loving support to help the whole process unfold with joy, ease, and grace.

How does this play out?

Each unit contains a series of content to help you journey home to your soul’s sacred roots in the most supportive way possible:
Angelic Meditations
Worksheets with prompts for reflections
Akashic Journeys
Channeled Angelic Messages
Self-Care Supports
You’ll want to dedicate at least 2 hours a week to going through the material, but big shifts might need more time to integrate. The content will roll out at your own pace in the on demand class. While the units compliment each other, they can be done in any sequence, and you’ll have the recordings to come back to whenever your schedule allows.
Origin includes a closed Facebook community for you to share your experiences, support each other, and grow together. Community offers a beautiful way to integrate learning, so while you don’t have to participate, it’s a wonderful space to do so if that’s how you process.
The content of Origin is where I’ve distilled my proven strategies with 1:1 clients into an intimate 4-week immersion. I’m creating a safe, sacred space to do this work, and all live iterations of the program have a limited number of participants so that I can adequately support the space.

Origin on Demand

Origin On Demand is 4-unit self-study program that you can do at your own pace. You’ll get the same content as the live program, but without the group support and online community, and all of the content is pre-recorded. 
Available Anytime
Your Investment: $333 USD
I'm in!
“You’re the figure that gives permission to others to have a connection with the divine. 
You’re the one who teaches people that normal people can have incredibly, radically, amazing lives.” 
Kyle Gray, Best Selling Author and Angel Expert

Hey, I'm Seryna!

I help people on the rise navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was what they were supposed to do.

By working with their Angels, and Guides, my clients become active creators in their lives. And it's all done with joy, love, ease and grace.

I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with yourself, and your soul’s true desire so you can build a life with purpose, on purpose.

Permission to desire more granted.

This is your invitation to step outside the haze, and create a life with intention. Give yourself permission to put your trust in your inner compass to guide you towards more opportunity, deeper relationships, and the joy that comes from saying YES to yourself. 
With love and magic,