The Power of Storytelling Masterclass by Seryna Myers

The Power of Storytelling Masterclass

Your story is medicine for the soul of your dream clients...


I'm a firm believer that the more we show up as ourselves, the more we find the right people to work with... both clients, and collaborators. Storytelling is a wonderful way for people to get to know you before they decide to do business with you, and while it can be something like a professionally produced video (mine is there are ways you can tell your story in a smaller way and still have big impact.

This masterclass explores:
Why to use storytelling to market your business
How the stories we're told (and the ones we tell ourselves) impact our willingness to show up more fully
Choosing the right medium for our stories
Repurposing the content
How to use photo and video
Ways to put your words into the world
How to manage the 'vulnerability hangover'

If you're a heart-centred business owner who wants to go deeper into your stories to heal, transform, and use them as a catalyst for change, check out my work at

What's included?

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Storytelling Masterclass Replay (Zoom recording)
57 mins
Storytelling Workbook
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Masterclass recording - audio only
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A soul-based approach to branding.

I'm a sacred brand strategist who helps women tap into the power of their stories to release their barriers to visibility, infusing more of themselves into their brands, which trickles into their daily lives. I believe authenticity is the key to heart-centred business, and that marketing can be done with integrity when you put the focus on relationship building. I've overcome corporate boredom, burn out, and the desire to blend in.