Your Big Beautiful Brand Workbook by Seryna Myers

Your Big Beautiful Brand Workbook

Ready to create some solid branding basics? I've got you covered.


What is Your Big, Beautiful Brand?

YBBB is a digital branding workbook that helps you get to the nitty gritty of your unique brand. I’ve broken it into 3 helpful sections that make up the core elements of your brand:
  • Who are you talking to?
  • What’s your story?
  • How’s it gonna look?

Your Big, Beautiful Brand goes beyond just the colours and fonts you’re going to use, and helps you explore your ideal peeps intimately (down to their guilty pleasures), and why you’re the perfect person to help them. Then you’ll choose the visual elements that tie it all together.

Tips for getting the most out of Your Big, Beautiful Brand

Don’t rush the process. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but it should be fun! So pour yourself something tasty and work on it one bit at a time.
Start a Pinterest board to store your bits of inspiration. (You never know when they’ll find you.)
Make sure you print it out. You’re gonna put oodles of work into this, and you can use it for content on your website, digital ads and more. You’ll wanna keep a copy for reference.

When you’re done, hit me up on Facebook and tell me how it went!
I’m so excited to see what you create.

What's included?

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A soul-based approach to branding.

I'm a sacred brand strategist who helps women tap into the power of their stories to release their barriers to visibility, infusing more of themselves into their brands, which trickles into their daily lives. I believe authenticity is the key to heart-centred business, and that marketing can be done with integrity when you put the focus on relationship building. I've overcome corporate boredom, burn out, and the desire to blend in.